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~~~Commission Info~~~

Commission Rules:

Sketch: $4

Lineart: $6

Flat Color: $10

Colored & Shaded (Simple Background): $15

Colored & Shaded (Detailed Background): $20

Additional Characters: Variable Pricing (ask)

species Grey Wolf
gender male from Grapevine, Texas, U.S.
loves Anal, Anthro, Balls likes 8-bit, Akita, Anatomically Correct tolerates Catgirl, Feet, Foot Fetish hates Bee, Breast Sex, Bunny
74 submissions 25,047 page views 119 comments received 34 comments posted 5,240 profile views
groups   All Male Gayness
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Latest Journal posted 22 Jan 2011

Payments are to be made via Paypal at:

My Rules and Requirments on Commissions:

1) Full payment is required before any work is started
2) AFTER payment is received you'll be put on the list! The order of the list is not necessarily the order of completion. (Sketches are easier than full pics)
3) No Refunds, but I will try to fix any problems. So let me know!
4) Progress such as sketches and line work won't be shown unless requested beforehand.
5) You may NOT have ANY work by me altered without my permission. This includes having any linework colored by yourself or another artist. Please just be respectful and ask first.
6) There are a few things I'm currently not comfortable with drawing.

Please respect that i won't draw:

~ Herm's
~ Gore
~ Scat
~ Cub Yiff (Neither Adult/Cub or Cub/Cub)
~ Pregnant
~ Egg Laying/Birth
~No Adult content of Female characters. (Gener...

Shinku 2 years ago
Your welcome haha.
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Thank you for the fave!
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Thanks a lot for the fav. ^^